Athlete Training

Commitment & Training Information

Athletes who participate in Special Olympics Wyoming are expected to make a commitment to training. There are basic elements to an athlete’s selection of sport and training:

Selection of Sport

Selection of Sport

Athletes should be included in the selection of their sport, recognizing that there may be some limitations on resources and facilities. For example, if your athlete joins an existing local program, he or she should be able to select a sport each season from the sports offered. A parent or coach’s assistance with the selection will help guide an athlete to entry level participation that could eventually develop an athlete to qualify for other advanced opportunities.

Seasonal Training

Once a sport is selected an athlete is required to make a commitment to training and seasonal play to qualify for Area and Statewide competition opportunities. Training and competition experience through practice or league or club play should be incorporated into an 8-10 week sports season that includes:

  • Sports Skills Training
  • Fitness Training
  • Sports Rules
  • Instruction on concept and competition strategy play
  • Sportsmanship


All training should be conducted with proper sports clothing and equipment at a facility that provides a safe and obstruction-free venue for activity. Parents and family members should only be part of the training if requested by the coaching staff. Parents/guardians and athletes need to commit to the entire seasonal experience.

Coach Training

Special Olympics Wyoming offers seasonal coaches trainings as part of the Coaches Education Plan. Learn more about how to Become a Coach.