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 The Better the Coach, The Better the Experiences,The Better the Athlete


Why Become a Special Olympics Wyoming Coach?

We currently have enough coaches registered to offer Athletics, Basketball, Bowling and Cycling! Stayed tuned for updates on sports that will be offered!

Interested in hosting a coaches training in your community? Check out the requirements.

We rely on nearly a thousand volunteers throughout the year to give their time, knowledge and spirit to coach our Special Olympics Wyoming athletes. Coaching is open to everyone- past and current coaches, past and current athletes, or people with or without any sports experience who just want to help out!

Coaches play an indispensible role in Special Olympics, and coaching education helps to ensure each coach and athlete has the best sport experience possible. Special Olympics Wyoming is happy to teach you what you need to know to enjoy your experience and make a significant difference in the lives of our athletes and families

Coach Responsibilities:
  • Assist athletes in developing sports skills and applying them during competitions
  • Build confidence and self-esteem through sport
  • Organize and conduct an 8-10 week sports training program
  • Teach all coaching staff and athletes the rules of the sport

How Do I Become a Coach?

If you're not currently involved with a Special Olympics team, the first step is to fill out the Volunteer Interest Survey. Speicial Olympics Wyoming will forward your interest to the Local Coordinator in your area. You’ll work with the local coordinator about their volunteer/coach needs.

After communicating with the local coordinator or if you are already involved with a team, a coach needs the following before working with athletes:

  • Class A Volunteer Registration Form
    • A background check will be conducted on individuals 18 years of age and older.
    • The volunteer application must be resubmitted every three (3) years.
  • Online Protective Behaviors Training.
    • This training is required every three (3) years.
  • Online Concussion Training (2 options) 
    • Through the Special Olympics Learning Portal (select "Heads Up Coaches Concussions in Youth Sports").
    • Through the NFHS (select Wyoming at the top then "order course" [it's free]). 
    • This training is required every three (3) years.
  • OPTION #1: For Volunteers without prior sports experience or certification
    • Attend a Special Olympcis Wyoming Coaches Training
  • OPTION #2: For volunteers with prior sports certification from an outside agency or with extensive sports experience (email Laura Kelly to get approval of "extensive sports experience")
    • Complete the online Coaching Special Olympics Athletes course
    • Complete the Application for Alternate Head Coach Certification
    • In recognition of volunteer coaches with formal sport education, Special Olympics Wyoming provides an application for Alternate Head Coach Certification. To obtain a three-year sport specific Head Coach Certification, a coach can submit an application listing sport specific and educational levels achieved outside of Special Olympics Wyoming



Special Olympics U.S. Programs - Coaching Progression

While some volunteers may choose to remain a Sport Assistant, others may strive to increase their level coaching and sports specific knowledge. Volunteers who wish to increase their coaching skills can progress through the levels of certification outlined below.



Entry Level Requirements

  • Class A Form/Complete Background Check
  • Protective Behaviors Training
  • Concussion Course


Core Coaching Knowledge

Traditional Special Olympics        |           Unified Sports

  • All Sport Assistant Requirements
  • Coaching Special Olymics Athletes - online via Human Kinectics Coach Education (formerly ASEP) or in person training conducted by certified trainer.
  • Coaching Unified Sports - online course course via course NFHS or in person training conducted by certified trainer.


Sports Specific Knowledge

Traditional Special Olympics        |           Unified Sports

  • All Level 1 Requirement
  • Sports Specific Course - online for those sports where online courses have been developed or in-person sport specific training.

* NOTE: Level required of Head Coaches attending USA National Games in the specific sport being conducted.

Fitness Coach Course - online or in person training conducted by certified trainer.

NOTE: Option to become a certified Firtness Coach is not sport-specific, but general knowledge applicable to all sports. Also, being certifed as as fitness Coach is not a requirement to coach at the Special Olympics USA Games.


Advanced Coaching Knowledge

  • All Level 2 Requirements
  • Principles of Coaching Course - online via WVU or in person training conducted by a certified trainer

**NOTE: Level required of Head Coaches attending World Games

 Online Sports Certification Courses

Recertification Courses:

Coach certification needs to be renewed every three years. Coaches have the option to:

  1. Attend a sport-specific training (online or in person)
  2. or Receive First aid and CPR Certification (good for one-time recertification)
  3. or Complete one of the following online courses below:

Once a recertification course is completed, the coach must submit an Application for Sports Training Certification, listing the recertification course taken and what sport they are requesting recertification in.

*** There is an associated cost with these courses that will not be reimbursed by Special Olympics Wyoming.