Our Goal

To help bring persons with intellectual disabilities into the larger society under conditions whereby they are accepted, respected & given a chance to become productive citizens.
Did You Know?
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are at the heart of all that we do at Special Olympics Wyoming as we strive to promote unity and create a world where everyone belongs.  We value, celebrate and respect all differences, backgrounds and perspectives and understand that greater diversity and inclusion creates a stronger and more innovative organization that delivers better results as we work with the athletes in all communities.
  • Special Olympics athletes are divided to compete in categories based on gender, age, and ability level by a process called divisioning? did you know
  • All Special Olympics activities reflect the values, standards, traditions, ceremonies, and events embodied in the modern Olympic movement. These Olympic-type activities celebrate the moral and spiritual qualities of persons with intellectual disabilities so as to enhance their dignity and self-esteem.
  • Individuals who compete in Special Olympics develop improved physical fitness and motor skills and greater self-confidence. They demonstrate courage and enthusiasm and build lasting friendships. These life skills enhance their ability to live normal productive lives. More than ever, Special Olympics athletes hold jobs, own homes, go to school and successfully handle life challenges on a daily basis.
  • Special Olympics receives funding in support of the movement from individuals, corporations, foundations, government, and restricted grants. The vast majority of funding received is from individuals.
  • Special Olympics operates worldwide in accordance with the following principles:
    • That comprehensive, year-round sports training is available to every Special Olympics athlete, conducted by well-qualified coaches in accordance with the standardized Sports Rules formulated and adopted by Special Olympics, and that each athlete who participates in Special Olympics, trains in their sport.
    • Special Olympics provides full participation for every athlete regardless of economic circumstance and conducts training and competition under the most favorable conditions possible, including facilities, administration, training, coaching, officiating, and events.
    • Every Awards Ceremony offers traditional medals for first, second, and third places, athletes finishing from fourth to the last place are presented a suitable place ribbon.
    • That, to the greatest extent possible, Special Olympics activities involve community volunteers, from school and college-age individuals to senior citizens, in order to promote a greater understanding of intellectual disabilities.
    • That, although Special Olympics is primarily a program of sports training and competition, efforts to offer athletes a full range of artistic, social, and cultural experiences through activities.
      • One of these activities is the Fit 5 Program.  Fit 5 is a fitness resource that provides tips and information for athletes, parents, coaches, partners, and other supporters to lead a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, nutrition, and hydration. 
      • The Fit 5 Guide is a FREE Download, please share this with athletes, coaches, families, EVERYONE!