“Let me win. But if I cannot win, Let me be brave in the attempt”

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The 2020 Summer Sports Classic will take place on August 7th & 8th in Casper!


The 2019 Summer Summer Sports Classic was a great success. We look forward to making it even bigger and better in 2020. Stay tuned for updates! The 2020 Classic will feature adult bowling, Unified Golf, Cycling and Softball


General Information

Softball Team Competition:

  • Athletes may compete in either the Team Competition or Individual Skills competition but not in both.
  • Athletes competing in team events must have numbers on the back of their uniform that are a minimum of 6” tall. See the Coordinators Manual regarding uniform specifications.
  • Athlete must wear athletic attire appropriate for their sport and weather conditions. This means team players need numbers on the back of uniforms.
  • Jeans are not appropriate for either coaches or athletes.
  • Shirts are expected to be tucked in and neat.

Softball Individual Skills Competition:

  • Individual Skills are outlined in the softball rules available on the Sports Resources Page.
  • Individual Skills is comprised of:
    • Base Running
    • Throwing
    • Fielding
    • Hitting


  • Special Olympics has established minimum training standards for athletes to prepare for competition.
  • The purpose of training is to assure that athletes have the skills and stamina to compete safely at area and state competition.
  • All athletes (and partners) should participate in an 8-10 week minimum training program.

Volunteer Info

Special Olympics Wyoming would like to extend the invitation for you to join us by volunteering at the 2020 Summer Sports Classic in Casper, WY.

Please email Dan Lang if you are interested or call 307-235-3062

Would you like to Become a Sponsor of the Special Olympics Summer Sports Classic? Contact Melissa Noah


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