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Area Program: A Special Olympics Area is one of five geographic areas of the state, established to increase the level of service and resources available to local programs within that Area.

Please contact your Area or Local Coordinator with any questions about what is happening in your area!

2018 Summer Games Schedule


Date Location Registration * Games Coordinator
2018 Area I Summer Games 04/27/2018 Cody Area I Registration Karen Beddoes
2018 Area II Summer Games 04/20-04/21/2018 Evanston Area II Registration Ryan Berger
2018 Area III Summer Games 04/26-04-27/2018 Cheyenne Area III Registration Wanda Brent
2018 Area IV Summer Games 04/26-04/27/2018 Gillette Area IV Registration Phil Grabrick
2018 Area V Summer Games 05/05/2018 Casper Area V Registration
2018 Summer Games 05/17-05/19/2018 Laramie State Games Registration Regan Diller


Budget Template: Here


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Area Summer Games please contact your Area Director or go to your Area Page for more information.

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Wyoming Areas

area districtsArea Districts

  • Area 1
  • Northwestern
  • Counties:
  • Park, Fremont, Hot Springs, Big Horn, Washakie
  • Learn More
  • Area 2
  • Southwestern
  • Counties:
  • Unita, Teton, Sublette, Lincoln,
  • Learn More
  • Area 3
  • Southeastern
  • Counties:
  • Laramie, Goshen,
    Albany, Platte, and Carbon
  • Learn More
  • Area 4
  • Northeastern
  • Counties:
  • Johnson, Crook, Campbell, Weston, Sheridan
  • Learn More
  • Area 5
  • Central
  • Counties:
  • Natrona
  • Learn More

Please contact your Area or Local Coordinator with any questions about what is happening in your area!