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A Special Olympics Area is one of five geographic areas of the state, established to increase the level of services and resources available.

To learn more about what area you belong to or to get more information about a specific area please visit our local & area program page.

All upcoming Area events are listed below:

Date Location Registration * Games Coordinator
2017 Area I Winter Games 01/26/2018 Meadowlark Ski Area Coming Soon Karen Beddoes
2017 Area II Winter Games 01/19/218 White Pines Coming Soon Dan Lang
2017 Area III Winter Games 01/26/2018 Tie City Trail Head Coming Soon Megan Friderich
2017 Area IV Winter Games 01/26/2018 Terry Peak Coming Soon Carrie Pilcher
2017 Area V Winter Games TBD Casper Mountain Coming Soon Dan Lang


* In order to completely register a team the following must all be turned it.

  1. Competition Cover Page (see above)
  2. Volunteer Roster (on Fall Tournament page)
  3. Sports Registrations (for each sport athletes are competing in - on Fall Tournament page)

Special Olympics Athlete Oath

“Let me win. But if I cannot win, Let me be brave in the attempt”